Here at For Our Kin, we aren't perfect... but we work on being the best we can be, that extends to how we impact our environment and community.

-We Use Compostable paper filler in our packaging.

-We use Water soluble void filler.

-We keep our ship boxes/mailers standard sizes, from recycle materials.

-We use non-carbon emitting transportation.

-We prioritize USPS, to support last mile delivery workers in our communities.

For Our Kin is now using TerraCycle's Zero Waste Box platform that's dedicated to recycling the hard-to-recycle.

If you live in the contiguous USA, you can now request a pre-paid shipping label from us to send up to 5 empty F.O.K. products back to us


TerraCycle will break it down responsibly, so it doesn’t end up in a landfill. 

Recycle Label Request

Thanks for submitting! - Please wait up to 3 days to receive label via Reply!