Deluxe - Cleansing Kit

Deluxe - Cleansing Kit

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Are you troubled with bad energy?... while we can't control what goes on outside the home. With this Cleansing Kit you can put a block of it coming into your home. Energy cleansing rituals have been used in cultures and religions all over the world. As the year winds down what better gift to yourself or someone you love. Start the year off right fresh and ready with good energy flow.


This cleansing kit Includes:

White Sage- Organic California
Palo Santo Stick - Organic Ecuador
Abalone Shell - Farm California
Natural Wood Wick Soy Tea Candle - Artisanal Washington
Selenite Cleansing Crystal - Extracted in Oregon

Unbleached Mask - Artisanal California

Matches (Strike on box for safety) - Sustainable Wood Source

Cleansing guidance in kit box and in blog section.


Ships Next/Day (Delivery Times Variable - From California)

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