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What’s Really In Your Lipstick?

Updated: Mar 4

Whether you do your full face daily, are super minimal, or only wear lipstick for a fun pop of color—have you ever considered what’s in your lipstick? You might be shocked to find out and eager to transition to natural cosmetics once you learn.

What’s Really In Your Lipstick?

You may have just assumed it is some type of dye, but many food-safe and lipstick red dyes are made up of crushed insects. As disturbing as it sounds, many insects are edible so, you may be able to get past that part—unless you are vegan. However, there are also parabens, BHT, heavy metals, and harmful chemicals in most lipsticks. Not only are these chemicals absorbed through your skin, but they can be ingested when you lick your lips. Depending on how often you wear and reapply lipstick and how often you lick your lips, you can ingest between 3 to 8 tubes of lipstick per year.

How Are Natural Cosmetics Different?

When you transition to natural cosmetics you will enjoy vegan and cruelty-free options. No animal testing, instead products are tested on humans. No crushed insects are used for pigment. Instead, natural minerals are used to create lush colors. Instead of harmful chemicals, natural butters, and hydrating oils such as vitamin E are used.

Ready To Make The Switch?

If you are ready to make the switch browse the Natural Lipstick Fall Pack and Organic Cosmetics from For Our Kin.

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