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What Makes Makeup Eco-Friendly?

Updated: Mar 4

As you explore additional ways to green and clean your life you must consider your skincare and beauty products. When it comes to makeup, many of us have tried and true products we’ve used for years. Here are a few factors that make makeup eco-friendly.


Begin by checking to see if your products are tested on animals. Brands that test on humans instead of our beloved wildlife, usually mice and rats, are eager to share their ethical practices. Cruelty-free is the expectation for all-natural and organic makeup brands.


Next up, check to see if your current products contain the ingredient carmine. This is the technical term for using crushed up tropical insects for makeup and lip color. Carmine is also a popular food dye. Instead of carmine, natural and organic beauty brands use minerals to create lush and rich colors.

Natural Ingredients

Part of going green and clean is learning to read the labels. In addition to carmine, you are likely to find a variety of toxic ingredients in your skincare products. Like carmine, you may have to perform a web search to determine what ingredients really are. Eco-friendly brands have nothing to hide and prioritize natural ingredients—many of which you are familiar with such as shea butter, coconut oil, vitamin E, and more.

Sustainable Packaging

It’s tough to get away from plastic but many beauty brands are switching to glass or at least using recycled plastics. The outer packaging and shipping are designed to be minimal and recyclable. For Our Kin is currently in the development phase of creating a lipstick tube recycling program with Terra Cycle.

In addition to being environmentally-friendly, consider that the toxins in your skincare and beauty products are absorbed through your skin—and lip products are ingested. For natural organic base lipsticks we invite you to browse For Our Kin’s natural lipsticks.

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