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Self-Care Goals For 2021

Updated: Mar 4

It’s an understatement, but 2020 has not been the year we had planned. While the stressors haven’t been resolved, the new year brings us hope. Instead of the usual fitness and diet goals, set self-care goals for 2021.

Prioritize Sleep

If stress and anxiety keep you up at night or are negatively impacting the quality of your sleep, it’s time to create a sleep routine. Your routine can include a combination of the following wellness tips:

· No watching the news before bedtime

· Cutting off caffeine after 3 pm

· Drinking chamomile tea after dinner

· Unplugging 2 hours before bedtime with the exception of your eReader

· Do something soothing at bedtime, such as yoga, meditation, listening to ASMR, binaural beats, or a Calm app sleep story

· Ensure your bedroom is conducive to sleep with the right temperature, comfortable pillow and mattress, quiet, and quiet

· Clear the clutter in your bedroom and cleanse away the negative energy with a smudge and crystals kit

Stay Connected

Many of us will continue social distancing and working from home well into 2021, so we must prioritize staying connected. This means less social media and text messaging and more meaningful exchanges by video chat, phone calls, and long-form messages that are more in-depth than text messages.


We must never stop learning, so map out a few new habits, skills, or topics you will learn more about this year. This can include reading books, listening to podcasts, TED Talks, watching documentaries, and taking seminars and classes.

We must fill our cup first, so we have enough to share with others!

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