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In Honor Of The Incomparable RBG

Updated: Mar 4

It’s challenging to find sufficient words to describe the legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. While championed most often as a glass ceiling breaker and advocate for women, she was an advocate for all the forgotten, oppressed, and underserved.

Civil Rights Leader

The bulk of RBG’s career as an attorney was with the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) where she worked on behalf of ensuring the constitutional rights and American Dream for everyone she represented. She was small but mighty and had a refined and persistent way of advocating for civil rights. Words were her weapon of choice, backed by a deep respect and understanding of the law. However, she always saw where laws could be changed or improved to better serve us all. She was well known for her detailed dissents, which remain crucial in guiding future law.

Supreme Court Justice

The first woman appointed to the highest court in the country, RBG was a champion of equal rights for women—including the right to choose, strides toward equal pay, the right for women to serve on juries, to sign a mortgage without a male cosigner, and

protecting pregnant women in the workplace. She was also the first Supreme Court Justice to officiate a same-sex marriage. This is an extremely short list of her accomplishments.

The positive ripple effect of The Notorious RBG’s career impacts us all, not just women. To honor her legacy, profits for our Jabot t-shirts for both women and men—are donated to the League of Women Voters. She’ll always be with us!

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