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How To Use Our Spiritual Cleansing Kit

Updated: Mar 4

For Our Kin currently offers 6 different spiritual cleansing kits. Select the kit with the energetic tools required to achieve your spiritual goals and follow the 10 steps below:

1. Set your positive intention with an affirmation or prayer, which you can repeat while you smudge.

2. Open all the windows to allow the smoke and the negative energy released with it to flow out of your home or office.

3. If you are using the Deluxe or Crystal kit, lay your crystals in a central location. The clear quartz will magnify your intentions and the black tourmaline has an electric charge that will release negative ions.

4. Light your sage stick or Palo Santo stick over the Albacore shell, which represents the flowing and cleansing water element—and doubles as a fire-safe bowl.

5. Walk through each room clockwise, using your hands or a feather to fan the smoke throughout.

6. If the sage or Palo Santo burns out, simply relight it with the provided wooden matchstick set.

7. Before or after you smudge your rooms, you can smudge around your body. Smudge the outline of your body, up your chakra line, and clockwise around any areas you feel tension or pain. A loved one can help.

8. Stamp the smudge stick out in the albacore shell or sit and allow it to smolder out in the shell.

9. Finish off by placing a selenite crystal above your primary doorway to shower all who enter with positive energy.

It is always nice to finish off smudging with complementary spiritual modalities, such as yoga, meditation, sound therapy, or a bath.

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