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Bees—So Much More Than Honey

Updated: Mar 4

It’s easy to forget, but we are all part of the circle of life. While every insect and animal plays a role in maintaining ecological balance, it’s arguable that few are more important than bees.

So Much More Than Honey

We all know that bees pollinate, but we often think first of the delicious honey they produce—or the beauty of the flowering plants they pollinate. However, pollination is essential for ensuring us humans have nutritious and delicious produce. But it’s not just us, as many animals rely on pollinated crops to thrive. Without bees, our food supply would rapidly dwindle, and along with it the humans and animals it sustains.

Calling Attention To CCD

Colony Collapse Disorder is on the rise around the globe. It began in 2006, with the abrupt increase of worker bees abandoning their hives—leaving behind the queen bee, honey, and larva. Scientists around the world are trying to determine why and are encouraging more support to help our bees thrive and survive.

For Our Kin is doing our part to call attention to CCD with our Honey Bee T-shirts and a variety of bee accessories.

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